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How to Order Customized Spoken Radio Jingles?

Choose between 1 Custom Radio ID or 6 Quickfire Radio IDs. 1 Custom is good for a copy or script of 200 characters or 30 words. The Quickfire package is good for 6 short radio IDs each with 5 to  8 words.

You Deserve To Be Number One

Ambiental FM has been serving the best music for San Pedro Sula in Honduras since 2009.

And that is why, it is no wonder they were chosen as Station of the Year, their dedication in providing quality on air content is unmatched and commitment to not always settle for anything less is their ticket to continued success.

Being the best station in Honduras, Rudy Assaf, the station's creative services director makes sure their sound and stationality is consistent with their mission.

"We won radio of the year. And you're the official voice since we started." is as committed as you are in giving quality content for radio.

Hashtag awesome radio.


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