1 Power ID ($8.00)

Show Intros, Top of Hour or Promos. Produced using in-house male voice.

Example: "Broadcasting live from the concert capital, you're listening to the country's number 1 hit music station - Radio Uno, where hit music lives. Visit us online, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. " Price is only $8.00 x 1.

6 Quickfire IDs ($2.00 each)

Quick Radio Sweepers or DJ Drops. 6 very short radio IDs 5 words each.

Example: "Hot Hits on BlazinFM" or "Please Welcome DJ Mixtreme" or "Z100 All The Hits" or "Hotter Than Hot Radio 103.5" or "The Best Show With Mr Han" or "Youre Listening To Mix Podcast" Price is only $2.00 x 6.


Male voice only. Spoken IDs only.
  • 6 Quickfire IDs Hot Seller! (short IDs) $2.00 each only
  • 5 Power ID Sweepers Great Deal! (show intros, top of hour or promos) $35.00 only
  • 1 Power ID Sweeper W/ Bonus Versions! (custom radio id) $8.00 only
  • 1 Voice Over Only Top Choice! (voice track only) $6.00 only
  • 1 Radio Show Intro ID (for radio show or host(s)) $8.00 only
  • 1 Podcast ID (for podcasters) $8.00 only
  • 1 News ID (for use as news intro-outro) $8.00 only
  • 1 Weather ID (for use as weather intro-outro) $8.00 only
  • 1 Sports or Traffic ID (for use as weather intro-outro) $8.00 only
  • 1 Morning Show ID (perfect as morning show openers) $8.00 only
  • 1 DJ Mix Show Intro (for club & on air djs) $8.00 only
  • 1 Countdown Show Intro (countdown or chart shows) $8.00 only
  • 1 Weekend ID Intro (spice up your weekends) $8.00 only
  • 1 Christian Radio Show ID (encouraging and enlightening) $8.00 only
  • 1 Electronic Dance Radio ID (pure EDM themed IDs) $8.00 only
  • 1 HipHop Radio ID (nothing but urban) $8.00 only
  • 1 Radio DJ ID (your name on spotlight) $8.00 only
  • 1 Rock Radio ID (heavy, classic, metal) $8.00 only
  • 1 European Hit Radio ID (world domination) $8.00 only
  • 1 Social Media Radio ID (follow, like or retweet) $8.00 only
  • 1 Facebook Like Radio ID (for your official pages) $8.00 only
  • 1 Twitter Follow Radio ID (hashtag your stations imaging) $8.00 only
  • 1 Country Radio ID (kicking country only) $8.00 only
  • 1 Outro Radio ID (exit your show with style) $8.00 only
  • 1 Contest ID (hype up and get winners) $8.00 only
  • 1 Call Us or Phone In ID (make it interactive) $8.00 only
  • 1 Song Request ID (play what they want) $8.00 only
  • 1 Website Intro ID (your site, your style) $8.00 only
  • 1 In Store Radio ID (branding on top of mind) $8.00 only
  • 1 Oldies Radio ID (oldies but goodies) $8.00 only
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"Very well produced the new package of jingles for Alvor fm (Zona de Impacto) radio show, is a pleasure to work with RJVIP, You have done a great job, you are always new and creative, so I'm already prepared the 2nd package for your production. Obrigado Paulo Bento Alvor FM" - Paulo Bento, President, Alvor FM Portugal

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"Radio Jingles from RJVIP are always good. Just listen to Pop Rock FM the beat the sound of the 80's". - Goos Mante, Pop Rock FM

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