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Playing The Top - Free Radio Jingle

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"If it's on top, we're surely playing it. "


Download the mixouts from the links below


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Apple Music For Android

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So Apple Music has arrived to the Android operating system and so far users aren't happy with the experience and including yours truly.

If you're an iPhone or iOS gadget owner, stick to your device. If you're an Android device owner and considering Apple Music as a streaming app, you may wanna consider these.

First, it's laggy. Slow to load. Our experience is consistent since we've used the app for the past 24 hours. Not a good way to impress.

Second, it's a bummer considering you're asked to sign up for a trial before you can use their music service. Spotify's free app lets you stream songs without asking credit card.

Third, no support for SD card saving. This is a norm for Android buffs. Fourth, be careful with those iTunes accounts which are connected to Paypal and not CC, you'll be charged 9.99 USD for a single month subscription.

But of course the app is still in Beta version so we will expect improvements in the coming days. The best thing about Apple Music though is Beats1. If that alone is your mail reason for going the Apple way, then go.

Free Domains For Internet Radio Stations – Your Guide To

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These days it’s hard not to have a website if you’re a radio station. Facebook or social media presence isn’t enough. Because you need a website, of course you need a domain.


There are plenty of places where you can get them, and get them free.


Dot TK probably is one of the oldest. goes way back 15 years ago. Dot is also popular although these guys are so crowded already chances are, someone has already gotten your domain of choice. is new. offers the dot VU country code. along with other hosts of subdomain dot ORGs and dot CCs, is a candidate as well. Check out although this one is kinda more for personal use. Then there is and


Of course these domains aren’t as attractive as the dot coms, dot nets and the gold-rushy dot FM, but this is the closest you can get if you don’t want to spend money.


You can be clever though in using these free domain services and choose those that are somewhere relevant to your station’s brand. For instance, is great if your station is based somewhere in Europe. So a domain like MegaFM.24.EU could be fitting if your branding your station as “playing 24 hours of hit music in Europe”.


Now bear in mind that some of these free domains work as both domain and hosting services and some just URL masking service or forwarders like, or, this means you gotta have to find and host your website somewhere. gives you both hosting and free domain (or subdomain to be exact ex. But considering that they are free, you might stumble upon bandwidth problems later on as your site grows.


You might encounter issues later on with search engine visibility.


Bottomline is if you just gotta have a website yesterday, these free domains will do the job for now. There is no substitute to getting your own dot com, or if you’ve saved enough, a dot FM.


How To Batch Remove Gaps on MP3 Songs for Internet Radio Stations

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Our friends from the internet radio industry asked us about how to remove gaps on mp3s and do it in batch.


You can achieve this by using Adobe Audition and it’s scripting and batch process feature.


Part 1 (Create the script)


1.  Open Adobe Audition.  Then open an mp3 track that has a gap at the beginning and end. Select all waveform by pressing CTRL+A.

2.  Create a script. Go to File menu, Scripts … , and click Open/New Collection button.

3.  Create a new collection. Type a filename on the File name text box, for example “MP3 Gap Remover”, then click Open button.

3.  Under the “New Script” section, type the title of the script, for example “Remove Silence”.

4.  Then click Record button.

5.  Now, go to Edit menu, Delete Silence …, then click the button that says “Scan for Silence Now”.

6.  Click OK button.

7.  Then go back to File menu, Scripts …, then click the button that says “Stop Current Script”.

8.  After that, click the button that says “Add to Collection”.


Part 2 (Remove gaps by batch)

1.  Go to File menu… click “Add Files…” button. Choose the songs that you want the batch remove the gaps.  Then click Add button.

2.  You will notice that all the songs you’ve chosen are added to the list. Make sure to select all the songs on the list, by CTRL+clicking each of the tracks.

3.  After all tracks are selected and highlighted, click the tab that says “2. Run Script” at the bottom of the Batch Processing window.

4.  Check the box that says “Run a script”

5.  Then click the Browse button near the “Script collection file:” section.

6.  Select the script collection you created earlier, in our example we named it “MP3 Gap Remover”, then click Open button.

7.  Click the drop down menu found under “Script:” and select the script you created earlier, in our example we named it “Remove Silence”.

8.  The third tab that says “3. Resample” allows you to resample the songs, for instance, 44100 Hertz to 48000 Hertz. If you do not require changing sample, then skip this step.

9.  The fourth tab that says “4. New Format” allows you to set the output and sample formats. If you want to set it from 128kbps to 64kbps, click the Format properties button then select the desired options.

10. The last tab that says “5. Destination”. Click the radio button “Same as file’s source folder” if you want to save it accordingly, otherwise, click “Other folder” radio button and browse the location.

11. Check “Overwrite existing files” if you want to do so.

12. Then, click Run Batch button.


This process will then individually load all the songs you’ve added to the list onto Audition and remove all the silence found in the track. Bear in mind though that this is not a perfect solution, provided that there are no important gaps in the middle of the song, such as a pause before the chorus, this should remove any silence at the beginning and end of the song.



Is There A DVR or TiVo for Online Radio

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Yes, there is.



When we talk about radio, what usually comes to mind is Pandora.  But these days, and online, custom or personal radio and internet radio, is not just all about internet-only stations.


Terrestrial or traditional stations are also a favorite preset of many online radio listeners.

TuneIn formerly Radio Time is the popular choice.


It allows you to listen to local radio stations and let’s you even record your favorite show ala-DVR by upgrading to PRO feature.


Unlike iHeartRadio, it has more choices and it’s not country restricted.


If you are an internet radio operator, makes your station is in their directory. Go to to learn how.


Proof That Unlimited Internet Radio Service Is A Scam, Pls Read

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Published first on ShoutCheap has a leadership position as the fastest growing company in Shoutcast and Icecast Hosting.

They have a commitment to provide the best and most affordable Internet Radio Solution. At the same time they have been helping to grow the Internet Radio Community by building strong relationships and trust between ShoutCheap and their clients.

Numerous websites claim to offer ‘unlimited’ services, the purpose of this article is to expose these scams and hopefully prevent people from being ripped off  by such offers. That being said, let’s begin.


The word Unlimited is a very powerful word in marketing, with the unlimited word you  can almost sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. In the Internet radio marketing world it is a word that is very common, unlimited listeners, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited auto dj space you named. But as a customer you have to be wise at the time to choose your “unlimited” company.

Usually what these companies really mean by “unlimited” is, you can use the service unless you become a problem. When you become a problem that means you are compromising the quality of the service affecting other clients services.

Do not get me wrong you can find unlimited services but with a control point, for example unlimited bandwidth, the control point will be a fixed number of listeners. This way the hosting provider has a quality control and is not overcrowding the server.

Doing a research online I found a user asking this question at Winamp Forum:

Can hosts offer unlimited listener slots?

First response: uh, no, and if they did I would be suspicious of them.

Second Respond: Well actually, it may be possible. Some hosts you buy the bandwidth from them instead of the monthly slots, and they offer whatever bitrate you want and however many listeners, but once you use up the bandwidth, your outta luck.

Third Response: if you can ‘use up’ something that sorta doesn’t make it unlimited

Forth response: Well they let you have as many slots as you want, and your bitrate can go as high as you want, but you have an allotted bandwidth limit. You still can have unlimited listeners, but for how long is the question, which depends on the bitrate

And many more answers but what really got my attention was the answer of another responsible company like ShoutCheap:

Oh, stay clear of all hosts who offer any of the following:

- Unlimited listener slots

– Unlimited bitrate (what you gonna stream at 100,000kbs?!)

– Unlimited bandwidth

– Unlimited Disk Space

WHY?….simply because there is NO SUCH THING!

EVERY server has its limits. Those stream or webhosts who offer unlimited assets, are lying to you!

Personally, I wouldn’t do business with anyone if I knew they were fibbing to me?!

That is the truth everything has a limit, a limit on CPU, a limit on RAM a limit on Hard Drive space and a limit on bandthwith. In the business world that means everything has a cost. It all comes down to how responsible the hosting provider is to give something for free without compromising the quality control. Unlimited? Maybe but I agree with what that friend from another company said:

Oh, stay clear of all hosts who offer any of the following:

- Unlimited listener slots

– Unlimited bitrate (what you gonna stream at 100,000kbs?!)

– Unlimited bandwidth

– Unlimited Disk Space

Let’s define what this “Unlimited” services really means:

Unlimited listener slots - This is limited by the server bandwidth connection. If the server internet connection is enough to stream only 1,000 listeners at 128kbps, the “unlimited listeners” connection will be shared with all the server users. When the server has 50 clients/users with “unlimited listeners” service, no one client will get 1,000 listeners.Unlimited bitrate

Unlimited bitrate - Useless, very rarely do people stream above 128kbps, 128kbps is near cd quality. Above that listening on a small computer speaker you will not notice the diference between 128, 192 and 256. If you plan to stream to smart phones your listener will not apreciate a constant buffering from a 256kbps feed.

Unlimited bandwidth - This is the only one that is worthwhile. It will give you peace of mind, you will pay the same amount at the end of the month, every month. No surprises because you went over your limit. But unlimited? No, it is unlimited for you but the server has a limit, and it is the responsibility of the hosting provider to not overload/overcrowd the server. If the server’s bandwidth goes over the limit he will be the responsable but this is the only one that will not affect the server performance.

Unlimited Disk Space -  This is limited by the size of the disk. Can you upload anything you want? Well maybe. If the disk has the space you need and the disk is not almost full because other users have uploaded all their music libraries before you, then yes you can upload all your files. In other words you could be buying a bus ticket to get to somewhere on a bus with almost empty tank. Even Godaddy a large web hosting provider claims unlimited Disk Space, but go to the small letters: “Plan provides unlimited storage subject to availability of space on a single clustered server” These companies advertise Unlimited Listeners, Bitrate and Space plans because they know they seem to be more attractive to people. But they are Overselling/overcrowding the servers and that will end in lower quality performance for your audio streaming service.

Overselling is definitively something to avoid! (unless you want a bad audio streaming experience or you want to end up moving everything to somewhere else later and lose your ip and port) Good hosts will not overcrowd their servers and keep the user limits suggested by the server manufacturer to give you great, fast and non-intermittent service.

The next time you see the “Unlimited All”, stay away from that, “Unlimited All” just means that company doesn’t care about quality and service, in other words it is a  ”we just want to sell”. Look for a company who really cares about quality and service. Internet Radio is growing very fast and there are only a few companies with a real commitment in helping to grow the internet radio community.


Free Earthquake Radio ID (Public Service Advisory)

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During times of natural calamity and disaster, radio is the easily accessible medium.


The earthquake in Negros Oriental, Philippines this month sent shockwaves of  panic amongst ill-prepared citizens and government agencies. Radio, was the readily available medium, since electricity cut off could no longer provide people access to TV or the internet.

Unfortunately, radio failed to keep people composed and informed. In Cebu City, a storm of panicked people rushed from the coastal area to higher grounds after hearing a "supposed" tsunami warning.

Radio stations broke the news, but was unsuccessful in calming the public. 

When no words were heard from city officials, they could have initiated an confirming interview from the authorities.


For countries like the Philippines where natural disasters like earthquakes are prevalent, radio stations must be in the front line in providing informative content to its listeners about how to be prepared during such events.

To be fair, some radio stations were careful with what they broadcast, but misinformation and panic had overridden the thoughts of people, something which could have been prevented.


Click here to download the Free Earthquake ID


How to Get Lady Gaga, Madonna to Sell Your Station

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Lady Gaga, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Usher, Justin Bieber -- these are just few of the most popular names who are staple in today’s pop music scene.


But whether you’re a mainstream or a niche radio station, the idea of having these big shot artists to endorse your radio station is just awesome.


Ever heard of big market stations with stars like Kay Perry saying “Hey, it’s Katy and you’re listening to my station … KIIS FM!”?


Imagine the impact it does to listeners. Imagine the benefit it creates for your station.


Getting these artists to endorse your station does not have to expensive.


In fact, you don’t need to really get those artists and have them visit your station, of course it can be done, but requires time, money, unless they’re in town for a concert, and you could get them to drop by the station and record some lines.


There are production companies on the web that did the job of recording artists for you, so you don’t have to.


Just search for the name of the artist on their database or you can procure a CD with all the latest artist drops on it.


There is nothing more convincing to your listeners than the idea of getting real artists to sell your station.


To help you find an artist, list click on the link below.

Download 350 Artist Drops Here

Top 6 Things That Pandora Cannot Do

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Despite the publicity and hype that it gets, Pandora, a web service that poses as an “internet radio” station, has a handful of incapability.


1. No On-Demand – despite its “customized radio” claim-to-fame, Pandora cannot really play a certain song by request, just like how you’d want a YouTube video to be played in a click.


2. Not More Than Four Songs By Same Artist – yep, your iPod is far better. Pandora cannot let you listen more than 4 songs from a certain artist within 3 hours.


3. No Playlist – you don’t dictate Pandora what to play based on your preferred playlist. They are the ones suggesting what you should hear.


4. No Replay – again, your mp3 gadget is way better. There is no replay, no rewind.


5. No Cache – if you plan on trying to hack and get the source file of their songs, Pandora won’t let you do that since it does not cache or save the streaming song unlike regular mp3 streaming on a browser. If you want to hear the music offline, you need to purchase.


6. No Unlimited Skips –yes, so if you don’t like a song, you just need to bear with it. They have no plans of ever implementing an unlimited number of skips.


So there you have it. Pandora is a great service though and I believe it’s a great thing for independent artists for their music to be discovered.


But if you are just probably looking for a real radio, you might just as well tune in to your favorite internet streaming radio.



7 Radio Prep Tools For Free

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Radio prepping is one thing that radio DJs, should not left out. Whether you are a pro or a rookie, there is nothing more horrible than being in a situation where you don't know what to say in front of the microphone.

Prepping is more than just getting something soyou can say something.

You need to consider that your content should be fresh, relevant, entertaining, funny and relatable. The way you present the content should also be right. Make it long and you bore your listeners.

The key to getting an exciting radio prep whether you are doing a morning show, afternoon drive or evening prime time, is mix it with live interaction with listeners and use audio clips to accentuate your content.

Also, it is great to pair your radio prep with online content, so you are also leading your listeners to your website, like announcing today's most viewed viral video.

Click here to view the 6 Free Radio Prep Tools


1. - with millions of people sharing content every day, this is one of the best places to know which topics are great to share on air. The trending topic feature is just found at the middle right section of the dashboard. Here you will list of keywords, names of celebrities or the latest movies being talked about.

2. Birthday Calculator - the website is It's great because you can ask for your listener's birthday, enter the data, and the site will give you a list of celebrities and known personalities that share the same birthday. Also, if you are a music station, there is also a feature where you get to know what song topped the charts during a particular date. Cool!

3. Today in History - is self explanatory. This is for the geek though. But still useful.

4. Interprep - is one of the most popular paid radio prep service out there, but it also gives you a free trial and free email updates.

5. Google News - this one is loaded with the most recent and most shared news articles on the web and the items are neatly categorized like Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and there is also a Local category.

6. - is your destination for sound bites and audio clips. Want to get an audio by Steve Jobs, just search and you will find cool clips to go with the latest Apple gadget news.

7. Viral Video Chart ( - aside from photos, videos are among the most shared content, so why shouldn't you. The site lists the top viewed and shared videos on the web.

So there you have it, I am sure there are plenty ways to get content online and share on air. There are also paid services that have already consolidated the items so you don't need to open several sites.

The downside however with paid tools is that it will take a while before fresh content is uploaded. But the decision of course is all yours.

The bottomline, whethere it's free or paid, radio prepping is always a must.