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Free Domains For Internet Radio Stations – Your Guide To

Posted by RadioJinglesVIP on January 3, 2013 at 7:20 AM

These days it’s hard not to have a website if you’re a radio station. Facebook or social media presence isn’t enough. Because you need a website, of course you need a domain.


There are plenty of places where you can get them, and get them free.


Dot TK probably is one of the oldest. goes way back 15 years ago. Dot is also popular although these guys are so crowded already chances are, someone has already gotten your domain of choice. is new. offers the dot VU country code. along with other hosts of subdomain dot ORGs and dot CCs, is a candidate as well. Check out although this one is kinda more for personal use. Then there is and


Of course these domains aren’t as attractive as the dot coms, dot nets and the gold-rushy dot FM, but this is the closest you can get if you don’t want to spend money.


You can be clever though in using these free domain services and choose those that are somewhere relevant to your station’s brand. For instance, is great if your station is based somewhere in Europe. So a domain like MegaFM.24.EU could be fitting if your branding your station as “playing 24 hours of hit music in Europe”.


Now bear in mind that some of these free domains work as both domain and hosting services and some just URL masking service or forwarders like, or, this means you gotta have to find and host your website somewhere. gives you both hosting and free domain (or subdomain to be exact ex. But considering that they are free, you might stumble upon bandwidth problems later on as your site grows.


You might encounter issues later on with search engine visibility.


Bottomline is if you just gotta have a website yesterday, these free domains will do the job for now. There is no substitute to getting your own dot com, or if you’ve saved enough, a dot FM.


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