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Ups And Downs of Using UStream for Online Radio Streaming

Posted by RadioJinglesVIP on October 13, 2010 at 9:04 AM

These days, everyone can have his own live TV show, podcastor online radio. That is made possible by free streaming platforms, and amongthe most widely used is Ustream.TV. Despite being free, there are pros andcons, learn what these are.


One of the obvious reasons why radio stations go, is because it’s free and widely accessible. There’s and But you get the idea, why pay for a shoutcastserver or hosting for instance, when you can stream for free.


Another advantage is social media integration. Ustream forexample allows any Facebook user to login. The chat service on the streamingsite also allows Twitter and Facebook users to engage in live discussions withthe DJs.


Increased visibility in search engines will also help youget more attention. seems to be scoring high on search engines’algorithms. Then there’s also the embedding capability that lets you streamyour radio. Your listeners can even share your channel onto anyone’s Facebookwall. Streaming quality is also good at 128 kbps.


But anything free always comes with a price. If you intendto broadcast exclusively on the video streaming website, competition will beheavy since the website will display streams similar to your niche. Some of youmight not bother, but advertisements will scroll on your screen.


As any other streaming platforms, Ustream is bandwidthdependent. Unless you bring down your streaming quality to a minimum, yourlisteners may experience choppy output, and you don’t want to disappoint yourlisteners.


Other stations however consider Ustream only as asupplementary broadcast option.  If youintend to broadcast primarily on this platform, you may need to invest on apremium account.


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