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How To Batch Remove Gaps on MP3 Songs for Internet Radio Stations

Posted by RadioJinglesVIP on November 19, 2012 at 7:05 AM

Our friends from the internet radio industry asked us about how to remove gaps on mp3s and do it in batch.


You can achieve this by using Adobe Audition and it’s scripting and batch process feature.


Part 1 (Create the script)


1.  Open Adobe Audition.  Then open an mp3 track that has a gap at the beginning and end. Select all waveform by pressing CTRL+A.

2.  Create a script. Go to File menu, Scripts … , and click Open/New Collection button.

3.  Create a new collection. Type a filename on the File name text box, for example “MP3 Gap Remover”, then click Open button.

3.  Under the “New Script” section, type the title of the script, for example “Remove Silence”.

4.  Then click Record button.

5.  Now, go to Edit menu, Delete Silence …, then click the button that says “Scan for Silence Now”.

6.  Click OK button.

7.  Then go back to File menu, Scripts …, then click the button that says “Stop Current Script”.

8.  After that, click the button that says “Add to Collection”.


Part 2 (Remove gaps by batch)

1.  Go to File menu… click “Add Files…” button. Choose the songs that you want the batch remove the gaps.  Then click Add button.

2.  You will notice that all the songs you’ve chosen are added to the list. Make sure to select all the songs on the list, by CTRL+clicking each of the tracks.

3.  After all tracks are selected and highlighted, click the tab that says “2. Run Script” at the bottom of the Batch Processing window.

4.  Check the box that says “Run a script”

5.  Then click the Browse button near the “Script collection file:” section.

6.  Select the script collection you created earlier, in our example we named it “MP3 Gap Remover”, then click Open button.

7.  Click the drop down menu found under “Script:” and select the script you created earlier, in our example we named it “Remove Silence”.

8.  The third tab that says “3. Resample” allows you to resample the songs, for instance, 44100 Hertz to 48000 Hertz. If you do not require changing sample, then skip this step.

9.  The fourth tab that says “4. New Format” allows you to set the output and sample formats. If you want to set it from 128kbps to 64kbps, click the Format properties button then select the desired options.

10. The last tab that says “5. Destination”. Click the radio button “Same as file’s source folder” if you want to save it accordingly, otherwise, click “Other folder” radio button and browse the location.

11. Check “Overwrite existing files” if you want to do so.

12. Then, click Run Batch button.


This process will then individually load all the songs you’ve added to the list onto Audition and remove all the silence found in the track. Bear in mind though that this is not a perfect solution, provided that there are no important gaps in the middle of the song, such as a pause before the chorus, this should remove any silence at the beginning and end of the song.



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