More SFX, impacts, combos, sweeps, beeps, squeeks, everything that makes your production pop - we got them all here. What you get are: Audio Elements, Stagers with Voice FX & Drops, Cutting Edge and Contemporary Cuts, and Sounds you never thought existed.

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Imaging and FX Package

Introducing: 2011 Launcher

2011 Launcher is the first micro-imaging FX library for New Year production. It contains 24 cuts of production elements, workparts, sweeper shells, countdown FX and for the first time New Year tickers. Get this package now for only $20.00 (24 Cuts).

Listen to Demo
2011 Launcher Demo Click the play button.

  • Countdown FX
  • Happy New Year Ramp
  • SFX Firewerx
  • SFX Fireworks Wow
  • SFX Noo Yeer
  • Workpart 321 Happy Nu Yeer
  • Workpart Funky New Year
  • Workpart Happy New Year
  • Ticker A Few Moments to 2011
  • Ticker B 60 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker C 45 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker D 30 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker E 15 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker F 10 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker G 05 Minutes to 2011
  • Ticker H 60 Seconds to 2011
  • Ticker I 30 Seconds to 2011
  • Ticker J 15 Seconds to 2011
  • Ticker K 2011 in 10 Seconds
  • Top of the Hour - All Star 2011
  • Drone Child Winter Wonder
  • Drone Countdown 54321
  • Sweeper 2011 A
  • Sweeper 2011 B

Introducing: XMAS i-FX

XMAS i-FX Pack is the first micro imaging FX library for Holiday imaging. It contains 12 cuts of production elements, workparts and sweeper shells. Now on sale from $20, it's only $10.00.

XMAS i-FX Demo Click the play button.

  • (SHELL) Happy Holiday
  • (SHELL) Merry Christmas
  • (SHELL) Naughty Santa Baby
  • (BED) Party Beat
  • (Workpart) All I Want 4 Xmas
  • (Workpart) Kids Holiday
  • (Workpart) Rockin Christmas
  • (Workpart) Santa Is Coming
  • (Stager) Xmas Children
  • (Stager) Xmas Countdown
  • (Sweep) Kissmas
  • (Sweep) Robot Sleigh

FX & Elements

  • Big Boom Sound Boom Boom Doom
  • Zaps, Electronic FX Destroyer FX
  • Hybrid FX for Rock Motorize Zap-Sweep Combo
  • Sweep FX ZeeZoo Space
  • Inspired by The Movie Transformers 2 Rise Again Fallen
  • Inspired by The Movie Transformers 2 TransOptimus
  • Country Flavored Combo FX Country Lover
  • Rock-Flavored FX Rock Edge Now
  • Impact FX, Power Out Power Down
  • Zoom, Sirene, Swipe Attention Grabber (FREE)
  • Funky, Electronic Stutter Light Saber (FREE)
  • Twin Laser Swipe Double Laser (FREE)
  • Swoosh FX Swiper (FREE)



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