VIP Jingles for MTV VMAs 2010

Lady Gaga swept the MTV VMAs this year and everyone's talking about it. came up with radio IDs that celebrate the Moonmen takers. Get these IDs for your station now.


  • - Lady Gaga Sweeps MTV VMAs
  • - Cheers to 30 Seconds to Mars, Eminem, Lady Gaga
  • - Cheers to Eminem, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga
  • - Cheers to Lady Gaga, Jay Z & Alicia Keys, Muse
  • - Cheers to The Black Keys, Lady Gaga, Beyonce


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Download FREE DropHitz and Tickers here.

DropHitz and Ticker - The New Elements of Fresh Imaging has just discovered 2 new elements. Putting a fresh chemistry between jingles and your music programming, we introduce DHz and TKr - DropHitz Ticker.

DHz-TKr will be an indispensable tool for your station. You will find many uses. It's an imaging element that contains your station details, incorporated with the titles and hooks of the most chart-topping hits. DHz-TKR is a kit in itself.

  • 1. You can use it as a music promo to highlight your station’s most requested or played songs
  • 2. You can use it as a music previewer, notifying your listeners of the upcoming songs.
  • 3. You can use it as a slate for your chart show.
  • 4. DJs will find many uses of the Tickers - song artist-title and DropHitz - music hooks.
  • 5. You can remix or mix and match the DropHitz and Tickers with other elements.

Download FREE DropHitz and Tickers here.

New Pre-Produced Jingles

7 New Pre-produced Jingles are now uploaded.

Check it out here here:

  • Houston We Have Variety
  • Launching Best Dance Music
  • Houston We Have A Party
  • Best Internet Radio Station
  • Thanks For Calling Rihanna
  • Houston We Have A concert
  • Rock Hotline

Center of Chaos All Stars

COC, Center of Chaos presents 8 brand new VIP jingles for rock stations. Featuring 8 of today’s and all-time’s biggest rock bands. Download them all at

Check it out here here:

  • Apocalyptica
  • Dirty Heads
  • Disturbed
  • Papa Roach
  • Phoenix
  • Rise Against
  • Shinedown
  • Ozzy Osbourne

Summer and 4th of July Jingles presents the all new Summer and 4th of July jingles


Summer Jingles:

4th of July Jinges:



Habbo Bravo - Jingles for Habbo Stations

Habbo is taking over web 2.0! And so is our VIP jingles for Habbo stations around the webbed world. The phenomenon is so huge, we decided to create a new service for Hab craze stations!

Check it out here here:

  • Available in Go2Play and Go2Produce Versions
  • Customizable to any Habbo Station

Light and Bright - AC Jingles

Light and Bright is the newest AC-friendly imaging service here at If you are a station that plays a variety of music or a radio show, Light and Bright is for you.

Listen to all the new Jingleshere:

  • Logo Stinger - a unique melody that stamps your station's brand musically
  • Uplifting Sound - warm and nice themes that promote easy listening
  • Ac Friendly Production - just right amount of FX and elements

Mega Midyear - A Monster Update unleashes a mammoth update for June. 8 New Sweepers are uploaded now on the Jingles page. Plus new COC, new Country and new Hot AC sweepers coming..

Listen to all the new Jingleshere:

Hit Makers - Core Top 40 Artists Image Your Station

Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas, Diddy, Usher, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Jay Z. These are just some of the biggest hit makers that grace today's biggest pop music stations. Get a piece of these stars and have them image your station with the Hit Makers.

Listen to all the new Jingleshere:

  • Lady Gaga Listens New Sweep ID
  • 13 Brand Hit Makers (Under Music Imager)
  • Core Artists Brand Your Station

Mother's Day Jingles

We make it special and we make her proud,
We're celebrating Mother's Day with lots of love,
We may not be able to thank you enough,
But we sure are here to give you a hug.

Happy Mother's Day!
Jingles for this special occasion, get these IDs for your station and your Mom now.

Listen to all the new Mother's Day Jingleshere:

  • Elvis Presley's Mother
  • Famous Moms In The World
  • Moms Will Protect Their Child
  • Official Station for Hot Mamas
  • Proud Mamas
  • Too Young To Be A Mother

Easter Jingles

Amazing April is coming, and Easter Jingles is just part of it. Check out 6 comical IDs for this celebration.

Listen to all the new Easter Jingleshere:

  • Eggs Are Chickens
  • Can't Find The Eggs
  • Easter Is Cancelled
  • Eggocentric
  • What's Up Doc
  • Why Eggs Are Hidden?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Paddy's Day, St. Paddys' Day, St. Pat's, however you call it, where here to wish you the luck of the Irish. Celebrate this Irish tradition with new IDs from VIP.

Listen to all the new sweepers here:

  • Party Like Murphy
  • Kiss Me, I'm Irish
  • Finding A Pot of Gold

We're Bringing in March Madness

We jumpstarted in January, made February Fabulous and now we're bringing in March Madness! Introducing the new MicroMix imaging service, the launch of Countdown Jingles, New St. Patrick's Day jingles, and Oscar-inspired IDs. All of these and more, it's March Madness on

Listen to all the new sweepers here:

  • MicroMix Jingles
  • The All New PRO! Soon
  • Countdown Jingles
  • OSCAR and St. Patrick's Day Imaging

New VIP Jingles for February 24

Check out our latest uploads for all you VIP Stations.

Listen to all the new sweepers here:

New Nice and Naughty Sweepers

As your VIP continues to celebrate Fabulous February, 3 new sweepers are ready to go on the air for your station. Check out these nice and naughty sweepers. Download now.

Listen to all the new sweepers here:

Jedwared - Under Pressure

The 2 popular pop sensations from Ireland are taking the world by storm. From X Factor to world domination, the Jedward fever is definitely here! And it's invading your imaging already. The ancipated Jedward launch in some major markets is yet to come, but here in VIP, we give you're station an exclusive bite to the newest twin pop mania to hit the music-landia.

Listen to the new Music Imager for the hit song Under Pressure by Jedward (John and Edward of X Factor) feat Vanilla Ice. Click here and go to the Music Imager section.

Valentine VIP

Here in this paragraph, we were supposed to place our sales pitch. But you would already know what it is, as you would already know what Valentines is. So this February, we're taking your Valentine imaging into a new level. Take a listen.

Listen to all the Valentine VIP jingles here:

  • All The Single Ladies (Valentine)
  • Great Mix of Music (Valentine)
  • Many Ways to Say I Love You (Valentine)

Community and Hospital Radio

Local and proud, that's how we describe the new VIP Jingles for Community and Hospital Radio Stations. Sports, news, weather, bulletin, mornings, and more. Already on the air at PH FM in Australia. Want a customized jingle package, let us know how we can help, contact us here.

Listen to all the new jingles for Community and Hospital Radio here:

  • Community Bulletin
  • Community Radio Announcements
  • Community Service Announcements
  • Contest and Call In ID
  • Hour Opener
  • Listener Supported
  • Local Programming
  • Morning Show Jingle
  • News Intro
  • Oldies But Goodies
  • Show Opener
  • Weather Intro

Fabulous February

February is Valentines month, Chinese New Year, Winter Olympics Canada. It's an eventful month and here at VIP we make your February Fabulous! Exciting new jingles are online now, Music Imagers, Music Kickers , Sweeps, and C.O.C.

Listen to all the new jingleshere:

  • Music You Grew Up With
  • Put Your Hands Up (Ke$ha)
  • All of Todays Best Music (Back to Back)
  • Its Always On My Radio
  • No. 1 for Fresh Music
  • Follow Us On Twitter
  • Greatest Hits Of All Time (60s 70s 80s)
  • COC - Blow Your Speakers
  • COC - Hot Enough To Melt Your Speakers
  • COC - New Rock and Classic Rock

Introducing Music Kickers

Music Kickers are here! Quick, tight, supersonic jingles that will help you launch your music sweep at the top of the hour or after a spot break. You can Go2Play (ready to air jingles) or Go2Produce, with easy download, drop, and done process.

Listen to Music Kickers here:

  • All Systems Go
  • Back 2 Da Music, Back 2 Da Hits
  • Time To Get This Party Started
  • Back To Music Noise
  • Gaga Kicks The Music
  • Lets Get It On
  • Start Your Engine

Idol Factor

Introducing Idol Factor - a set of jingles inspired by popular talent searches. These jingles will definitely wow Simon Cowell. 4 IDs and two Go2Versions.

This week, check out these hot new jingles:

  • There Is Only 1 Winner - Idol Jingle
  • It's Coming To You Live - Idol Jingle
  • They Are So Good - X Factor Jingle
  • Put Your Hands Together - X Factor Jingle
  • Shut It Down Jingle
  • Now Playing Grammy Hits
  • All The Winning Songs Are Right Here
  • Are We Ready Sweep Starter
  • No Fail Radio Show

New Jingles for January 2010 is even bigger, better, and brighter in 2010. As we "January Jumpstart" with new ways to sky-launch your imaging. Hang-on tight for New Year i-FX, Mix Jingles, Grammy Red Carpet IDs, Idol-Factor themes, Center of Chaos new jingles, Custom Packages, New Voices, Micro FX Libraries, and plus more Music Imagers, Music Kickers, Jingle Sweeps and more!

This week, check out these hot new jingles:

  • Welcome The New Year With A Bang
  • Soung Like A Tiger
  • End Of The World
  • Keeping You Warm, Today's Hottest Music

Introducing New Year i-FX

New Year i-FX is the first micro-imaging FX library for New Year production. It contains 24 cuts of production elements, workparts, sweeper shells, countdown FX and for the first time New Year tickers. Get this package now for only $1.67 per cut ($40 whole package).

Check out what's inside:

  • New: Countdown Tickers
  • New Year SFX and Workparts
  • Shells and Elements That Bang

Introducing XMAS i-FX

It's the busiest time in the studio and everyone's rushing. So for all you busy producers out there, it's time to put the i-FX on your Holiday imaging

Introducing the XMAS i-FX, the very first micro imaging FX library for Christmas imaging. It's a mini library containing Holiday elements, SFX, workparts and sweeper shells.

It's a ready-to-go Christmas imaging package, Santa will love this one too. For only $1.67 per cut.

Your Web, Our Jingles

The BER Season is still on! And this November, we'd like you to tell the world about your website, then we take care of your jingles. Just post your website here and each weekend on November 7, 14, and 21, we pick the lucky website.

Open to Freshbook Members who are presenters, DJs, station owners, and producers. Websites can be an internet station or a podcast. 1 lucky website will be picked on November 7, 14, and 21, 2009. Selected website will receive 5 VIP Jingles from A website will be picked once.

Share your website now! Good luck!

BER KickOff - Fresh Imaging for the BER Months is kicking off the last quarter of the year with a blast of new jingles, IDs and brand new never-before-heard imaging elements for FM and Internet Radio Stations. BER KickOff jumpstarts September with a bunch of new music imagers featuring Justin Bieber, Britneys Spears, Jay Sean, Keri Hilson, Madonna and a whole lot more. Check out new VIP Jingles here.

C.O.C. (Center of Chaos) is creating more havoc to rock radio stations with music driven imaging. DJ Sassy of Rebel Radio chose C.O.C. and she is very much happy with the results as well as all the other DJs.

"Everyone loved them! Thank you very much"
DJ Sassy, Owner
Rebel Radio .

RadioJinglesVIP Launches C.O.C. - Center of Chaos

Finally, a music-driven, playlist-friendly rock imaging solution - C.O.C. (Center of Chaos). C.O.C. is also for stations, blogs, podcasts and radio shows with the Edgy format. Go to the center now C.O.C..

C.O.C. is now available in both Go2Produce and Go2Play versions. Go2Produce lets you download a clean mixout, so you can tweak the ID and customize it with your official station voice. Or leave the job to us, choose Go2Play and we'll add your station details to your chosen cut.

Do you have your own script, or has something crazier in mind, let us help you get a custom package for you. Let us know. Contact us now.

Father's Day Imaging

We honor dads in different ways, gifts, a dinner for two, or a surprise party. It may come in different forms, but perhaps the most heartwarming present you can give to him is your sincere presence.

Some simple lines will do. Give him a call if you can't make it on the 21st. Be creative, you don't even have to buy something expensive. The most important thing is that you express it.

Download our Father's Day Imaging, and cute Father's Day Drop you can use for your production. Sign in or sign up to constantly refreshed VIP Access area.

New "Best Variety" Sweeper Added

A new sweeper is added onto our Sweeper page. Perfect for Hot AC radio statons, if you are playing the best variety of music then this sweeper is for you - check out the Sweeper now.

We'd love to also bring you again, the new ID package we created for DJ Lisa Love of WPEB in West Philly. Lisa handles "The Remedy", a hip-hop mix show on WPEB. custom tailored the cuts for her which includes jock IDs, openers, and more

4 Stations, 1 Production Team

RADIOJINGLES is proud to be imaging Just FM The Netherlands, Basto FM The Netherlands, and Candor FM The Philippines.

Each production was custom tailored to the needs of each station. Each cut consists of at least 3 mixouts, empowering the stations to expand the package by creating fresh and original jingles.

Listen to the montages and hear what they had to say.

VIP and PRO teamed up to create an awesome package for Just FM. We gave them 5 cuts, but in reality they receive around 30 cuts. Whats' more they were able to download their jingles within 24 hours.

"The first time I visited the website from RADIOJINGLES I requested for a free station ID. After some time we couldn't wait any longer. We ordered the 'Power Pack 5 Cuts' and its exactly like the add says, within 24 hours we received the 5 high quality cuts ready to air!

But that's not all. Together with our customised cut's we received the mixout's from every single cut as well. With these mixout's we could expand our package ourselves using the beds and sweepers from VIP.

And when I had a question about one of these cut's, within a couple of hours the question was answered and with that answer they send a revised version of that cut as well. That's what I call service!",

Dieter Marohn, JUST! FM the Netherlands

Basto FM has a diverse playlist, the task at hand was to create a package that fits seamlessly into the unique sound of the station. We created cutting edge IDs from weekend dance shows to daily 70s and 80s show.

"The ID's I get are very nice to hear, I have received them in 1 or 2 days! That is really fast. And it is very affordable! The Quality is a very big A+. All the jingles are what I want. VIP and PRO are the best I could get", Bas van Zetten, Basto FM - Manager/DJ (Netherlands).

Candor FM has just brought a new transmitter and will be ready to hit the airwaves in the coming weeks. What better way to kick off the station than to have power jingles from RADIOJINGLES. We also produced cuts for its CHR sister station Mix FM.

"Your output is very good! ", Joselito Edong, Station in-charge, Candor FM, CANDOR.

You too can also get that same cutting edge ID sweeper package from RADIOJINGLES. Choose from our PRO, POWER or Premium 24-Hour Jingle Package Delivery. Contact us now.


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